Project Team: David Barr and Tom Smith
Project Status: Completed
Photography: Dion Robeson

A small addition and additions project is placed on the rear of an existing Federation workers cottage in Mount Lawley. One of three cottages built in a row each with their own unique characteristics.

An old lean-to was removed from the rear of the existing house and replaced with the new addition containing a living, dining and kitchen space extending south to view of the Perth City. A master suite flanks the living spaces with a large 3m operable wall that opens into the living quarters borrowing space and light.

A large light scoop, following the profile of the existing roof pitch, funnels northern light to the spaces below. Narrow skylights are carved into the ceilings to create generous natural light throughout the day.

Recycled jarrah shiplap boards clad the exterior of the addition sourced from the existing lean-to and garage structure, remilled and repurposed. In time the jarrah will age into a soft silver coat. A subtle blonde timber board lines the internal walls creating a warm and timbre tone to the space.

The addition contains a number of sustainable and environmental systems reaching a gold medal life cycle assessment. The non-conducting timber cladding and timber frame structure, sealed with a plywood shealth, wrap around an elevated pre-cast concrete slab insulating the thermal mass. The floor cavity hosts a 20,000L bladder for rainwater harvesting, whilst the roof supports, PV cells and a solar hot water system.