Project Team: David Barr
Project Status: Constructed
Builder: Interstruct
Photography: Bo Wong

Architecture Award: Winner - Small Project Architecture
AIA Mondoluce Lighting Awards: The Creative and Innovative Use of Lighting in Architecture

Client Review:
David won two architectural awards for our Westbury Cres renovation, which we absolutely loved that we have hired him again to design a new addition for our current home. We can't wait to see the finished product.

This 60 square metre alterations and additions is located to the rear of an existing Federation brick and tile house. The project is formally manipulated to sculpt light into the various spaces for both function and atmosphere. Funnelled light from the north, reflected light from the east, filtered zenithal light from above and a scooped ambient light enters from the south.

A heavily constrained context at the rear of the property directly influenced the ‘form’ of the building and the positioning and size of the apertures. The existing neighbour’s parapet wall on the northern boundary required an elevated light funnel providing winter sun into the living volume of the addition. The boundary wall construction to the east lead to a strategy of filtering zenithal light into laundry space and in the bathroom, a large clearstory window was needed to provide privacy from the adjacent neighbouring properties whilst scooping in ambient southern light and framing a view to the tree canopies beyond.