Project Team: David Barr
Project Status: Constructed
Builder: Interstruct
Photography: Nic Montagu

Client Review:
David Barr Architects worked with us from the beginning to the end of our home renovation. We were impressed was his ability to work with us to identify our options for the project and then problem solve throughout the process. He also came up with some innovative solutions to our space constraints. We had none of the angst we hear is often associated with renovation projects. We've been back in the house for two years now. We love the design, the finishes and the integration with our original 120 year -old home.

Wray Avenue Residence is a 40sqm metre alteration and additions to an existing cottage located in the heart of Fremantle. A boundary width of 6.5m, the addition was crafted at the rear on the southern side of the existing cottage. The exterior form is elevated above the existing roof line, scooping northern light into the large volume, also providing new reflected light to existing spaces. The addition commences from the existing lounge space through a deep plywood tunnel concealing a compact bathroom, hidden beyond. Passing through the tunnel, one arrives at a place to cook, eat and live on a series of built-in furniture pieces that wrap up around the space and up the wall, defining smaller spaces within the main volume. A generous ceiling height of 4.6m rakes down towards to rear garden framing views of the garden beyond. This compact project encompasses a new, bathroom, pantry, living dining and kitchen and storage in a neat and delightful space.