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Shortlisted: Houses Awards - New Houses over 200sqm
Shortlisted: Houses Awards - Sustainability
Commendation: Houses Awards - Sustainability

Generation Y Housing Development
Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project

Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project:
National Commendation: National Architecture Awards - Sustainable Architecture
Winner: National Sustainability Awards -  Best of the Best
Winner: National Sustainability Awards - Multiple Dwelling
Winner: AIA Architecture Award: Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing
Winner: AIA Architecture Award: Sustainable Architecture

Jury Citation (AIA) - Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing
The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project offers an exciting new model for affordable housing that exceeds the social, environmental and economical sustainability aspirations of the client. 

The project accommodates up to 6 adults on 250m2, has tested the R40 zoning and challenges standard practices. Clever architectural manipulations have resulted in a complex of three fully autonomous apartments that collectively feel like a house. The complex has porosity and an openness that is welcoming with blurred boundaries at street level that support direct community engagement. 

Each apartment contains private living spaces both inside and out, with detailing that is efficient and considerate of a variety of users. Common external areas provide places for neighbours to come together and share. Similarly, shared sustainable technologies embedded into the project support best practices and further extend the affordability of living. 

The project is designed to be altered and added to in response to the often changing needs of Gen Y, ensuring longevity in a volatile market. In addition, it has provided for the client and approach to development that can be adapted by the client, LandCorp, to suit a number of emerging housing needs. 

Jury Citation (AIA) - Sustainable Architecture
The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project successfully navigates the significant constraints of site, cost and amenity to provide a prototype for future housing development. It is part of a larger research project, which deals with future directions for Perth, recognising the unsustainable nature of many suburban housing developments.  

Importantly, this project not only recognises the problem, but also offers an attractive solution, in which site area or cost need not be a barrier to good design, sustainability or amenity. The basis of the design concept relates strongly to economic, social and environmental sustainability,  through the development of a hybrid housing type, which is intentionally flexible for changing future occupation needs. 

The project works hard to achieve many different passive design solutions, and the architect is to be commended for successfully designing three light-filled, well ventilated dwellings on a 250m2 block. This success on a challenging site is a direct result of the thoughtfulness of the architect, and the intelligence of their strategies. Much has been considered, showing an exceptional level of restraint to ensure that the aspirational benchmarks were achieved without disregarding affordability. 

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing project works well within the wider WGV development by introducing a mix of dwelling arrangements and types to subsequently introduce a mix of occupants, and sowing the seed for a multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic and sustainable precinct. 

Claremont Residence
Winner: AIA Architecture Award: Alterations and Additions
Shortlisted: Houses Publication - Alterations and Additions under 200m2

Jury Citation:
"Claremont House us a quite and sophisticated work if suburban architecture where house and garden are granted substantial and equal weighting. 

A carefully composed sequence of experiences dominates, binding the gated entry, front garden and restored Federation House to that which lies beyond - the new pavilions and garden spaces to a verdant borrowed landscape. The new work layers rooms, courtyards, walkways, enclosed gardens and external pavilions, changes in level, swimming pool and boundary wall into a complete spatial, material and landscape ensemble Within this sequence small moments of intimacy are curated that make visitation essential; an enclosed courtyard with external fireplace, and external terrace with judiciously borrowed landscape and a master bedroom set into the garden are amongst the most pronounced.
There is clear mastery in the immediate, middle and distant scales. A mature consistency in  the handling of detail, lighting and material selection prevails. No aspect of this project overshadows the other. The project's governing idea is evident throughout, culminating in an ease - a sense of inevitability.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Winner: AIA Architecture Award: Residential Architecture - Multiple Housing

Jury Citation:
“The design of Mika is simple yet highly considered, resulting in an elegant and well-proportioned streetscape that creates a strong and distinctive presence among the sea of recent developments. The elegant use of oxidised copper screens in combination with bronze screens and balustrade details provide a well-composed façade. The development delivers well-planned spaces and quality finishes to all areas including the communal circulation and car-park spaces. There are a variety of apartment types, each well thought out, responsive to orientation and eminently liveable.”

A Suburban Beach House
Commendation: WA Architecture Awards - New Houses
Shortlisted: Houses Publication - New Houses under 200sqm


Westbury Crescent Residence
AIA Architecture Award : Small Project Architecture
AIA Mondoluce Lighting Awards : The Creative and Innovative Use of Lighting in Architecture